Enjoy the journey
you're on

It all started with a


Ben x Til is a celebration of the value of artistic expression.

Both Ben and Til take inspiration from their journey in life, which we can all identify with. Sometimes, you just feel lost. It takes some of us a long time to find our true calling. The important part is to always enjoy the journey you're on. The paintings you see on all of the BenxTil clothes are a celebration of the journey of life, and the things we all experience throughout. It is a beautiful reminder than although sometimes we may feel lost, there is always a path waiting for us. 

To showcase his pieces, he printed his art on hoodies and shared them with his friends, who encouraged him to begin selling them.

Til, a long-time college friend of Ben's was especially inspired by Ben’s work. A recent law-school graduate, Til wanted to help Ben turn his innovative art into a business, with the intent of promoting the simplicity and beauty of his style of art. In 2019, BenxTil was born.